Trading Challenge

You can win 10,000 and stop trading or continue to trade to make 100,000
Many traders are looking to forex and leverage as an avenue to achieve outsized gains on a modest investment.
We created a trading challenge for these traders in mind.
With an investment between $100 and $5,000, you will be issued multiple chances to achieve $100,000 in gains.
The amount of chances range from 10 to 100 attempts.
The amount of attempts you have is determined by your deposit amount.
Here is our trader challenge calculator to learn more about the offer.   
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When you make 10,000, you can either stop trading and cash-in or attempt to make 100,000    
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Expected Payout when you reach 10,000 in gains  
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I make 10,000 I need to choose whether to cash-in, or
continue trading to make 100,000
A good way to decide is to calculate your expected payout. From the information you
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This would be your payout if you continued to trade and made 100,000  
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Terms and Conditions

1. You are given a specific amount of chances to trade in order to win either 10,000 or 100,000
2.  Investment required is between $100 and $5,000.  
3.  All investments can stop trading when 10,000 of gains are reached, but can continue to trade until 100,000 has been met
4.  For deposits less than 1000, the amount of chances to make 10,000 are the same amount of chances to make 100,000.  The formula is 10,000/deposit
5.  For deposits more than 1000, the amount of chances to make 10,000 is 10,000/deposit amount.  The amount of chances to make 100,000 is 100,000/deposit amount
6.  If the initial investment is lost, the trader will be issued credit multiple times to achieve the $100,000 goal.  The amount of times of credit issued is determined by the stated goal of 100,000 divided by the investment amount.  The maximum amount of attempts is 100.
7.  Limited moneyback guarantee.  If no chances were issued, we will issue upon request the initial balance if equity is greater, or the remaining equity if it is lower than initial balance. 
8.  The offer is valid for 2 years after the first trade has been placed.  
9.  Payout is based on 10,000 or 100,000 in gains, but a trader may receive less than this amount as shown in the calculator above based on the leverage used (our default is 200:1) and the amount of chances used.
*The first two attempts with any leverage, the payout is not effected.
*On the third attempt and the following attempts, the formula is:
-When winning 10,000: 10,000 * 200/leverage request * 1/chances issued
-When winning 100,000: 100,000 * 200/leverage request * 1/chances issued
We cannot change leverage lower once a higher amount has been requested.

10.  Valid for both MT4, Binary,  and World Markets Trader platform