We offer very low and affordable spreads for forex traders.

Here are the highlights of our STP trading offer.

STP Trading checklist  
Leverage 200:1
Minimum Deposit $25
Bonus or Rebates offered No
Commissions charged No
Deposit Fees No
Withdrawal Fees Depends
Negative Balance Protection Yes
VPS branded hosting Yes
Great for Money Managers and EAs Yes


More details of our highlights



Stop out is 50%

Bonus or Rebates offered

We do not have any markup nor charge a commission,

as a result you receive the best price always.

Commissions charged

No.  Unlike our competitors we do not offer nor confuse you with $5 per lot commissions

which equate to 1 pip trading.  Our STP offering is offered at a very low spread markup.

Minimum Deposit

We suggest $1000 (you receive a 6% annual interest rate).  

But we have always offered our products and services at $25 and above.

Overnight Rate

The market charges an overnight rate so we are obliged too.  If you must have a swap-free

STP account, there will be a modest markup to compensate for this.

Deposit fee

We do not charge a fee on deposits.  And pay for any transaction fees that are incurred.

Withdrawal Fees

1.  There is a $50 withdrawal fee

2.  There are no withdrawal fees for monthy trading of 50 lots or more

Negative Balance Protection

If a negative balance occurs, we will zero out your account so you can trade again with no liability.

VPS Branded hosting

We offer a Caesartrade branded VPS hosting for $25 a month.  Fully capable to handle most forex traders needs.

It is powered by BeeksFX, the #1 name in VPS hosting in Forex.

Great for Money Managers and EAs

Have 1/2 pip on Euro can really help an EA go from failure to success.

And for actively traded Money Managers, this is a great setup in order to acquire and maintain business.

Any more questions?

Email us at: support@caesartrade.com